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I have a degree in animal behaviour and welfare and I can’t even land a basic animal care job

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When I was sixteen years old, I passed my GCSE’s and went on to Sixth Form where I studied my A Levels. Though I fairly fluffed them, I still got into University on a Foundation Degree for Forensic Chemistry and Pathology. Sadly, the course I was moving on to was undersubscribed and cancelled. I dropped out of university and entered the job market.

I got a job with Delta Force Paintball as a Marshall, a hard job that meant I got to the site for 6.30 am to help get the site setup. Then, we ran the game sessions, and eventually cleaned everything up at the end of the day to then store it all away. It was hard work for a flat £40 a day. Ideally we would start at 6.30 and finish by 2.00. Some days we didn’t leave til gone 7.00pm, all for the same flat £40.

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The life of me

A personal review…



I was part of the way through the second year of uni, just finishing work experience for the course. Not much happened in this month that I can remember…

Using my facebook as a guide, I can see I was thinking about doing a different course in September. I went to Ewell Park and hand-fed squirrels, pigeons, ducks, swans and geese. I also updated my facebook almost everyday :s that’s a lot (to me). I also had 4 guinea pigs at that time and got a character on Skyrim to have Blacksmithing level 100 after having the game for around a month.



14th Feb- I completed Fallout New Vegas- the main storyline. It took me a while to get around to it because when completed, you can’t carry on the story afterwards, unlike Fallout 3. On 17th February I had my favourite guinea…

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